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Reviews for "Super Smash Bros RPG EP1"


This was a good idea, it was just to short for my taste.
The thing that I want to see the most is a special attack that summons to dancing Megaman. That and adding more characters for a team battle, and team attacks would be nice.
Can't wait for part 2.

pretty good

good, but realy short
in the next version, include more skills and more fights
also, you could have some team battles, like 3v3 or something
cant wait for next one


I sense the birth of a great artist. Just make sure the next one is longer, and with new fighters. My suggestion: Link. Definately have Link join next. Also, watch your spelling. It said Spezial, not Special.


do you think i could help on this like make up names for attches and attches or tell you of other charecters for the game, becouse i think this game when done will be vary good.


But first things first, the fighting system is good for a first draft but I think you definately need to improve on it. like put in some defensive skills so it's not just you hit me I hit you. It may also be a good idea to add different effects to your status( like poison or burn, think of stuff from pokemon.) so far mario seems to have some good moves, but the strong attack doesn't really fit mario.

now for the real review, the story seems impossible to follow for me. if it's not suppose to be serious fine, but it should at least be ledgible. if you can fill me in on exactly what's going on in this precise segment please do so. If you're looking for ideas for a story then it just so happens that I have an SSB story that would be great for an rpg. (I actually was planning to make an rpg of it when I got good at flash.) If you want to see it then send me a pm. I hope to see the next part 2.