Reviews for "Frog"

Whoa... Deja Vu

I knew I saw this already... then I noticed that it was submitted in January. At least I'm not crazy. I just think it's odd how this is on the frontpage only now.
Either way, I liked the music, it was a quirky animation, but other than that, there was nothing that really stood out. Cute, but meh. You've got a great style, though.


dumb, but I loved the music, and I guess it was "cute" or something.

it was ok

it was ok it was boring but kind of some thing like nothing eles on tv lets watch this

eh, aight.

I was alright, the music was pretty catchy, and cool storyline thingy. Although I saw constant trouble with keeping the frog actually bouncing up and down on beat.


very freaking weird man holy shit. funny and crazy lololol