Reviews for "Frog"

so where is the good part?

no humor,good art or anything!What a waste of my time....


the pixels got biger when they came closer
they also rotated which was kind of bad
the things where just movieclips
i kind of liked the music but not that much
soigave it a one


um, no offense, but that was really weird, i didn't like it at all, was just kinda annoying and i'm wondering how it could have gotten on the front page and why a lot of people seem to love it so much.

"It kinda sucks dude"

no offence dude but did you make this with like microsoft paint? cause the graphics relly suck ass. No offence but I think the first like 8 bit verson of frogger has better graphics than that lame flash. PERSONALY IT KINDDA SUCKED!!!!

nothing personal I just didn't think it was all that great no offence guys just giving my honest opion.

Kinda Suckish

Dude wtf is no offense i would use something else other than pixels.