Reviews for "RWD: 026"

You guys are insane...

But undeniably hilarious. Pretty much all of em made me laugh and I think that's all that really matters with cartoons.

Fun, exciting and just the right amount of hipster

This goes to show theres more than one level of Newgrounds. If you sift through the videogame fan flashes, parodies of parodies of parodies and ongoing series that should have died a long time ago, you get to the interesting side of it. Unfortunately the fact this has been rated 2.62 is testament to how many people dont get it.

Wow I sound faggy. Do either of you guys get commissions outside NG?

RadicalWrongDoers responds:

i haven't but tyler probably has.


That was waaaaay too weird for me to handle. Try not to creep the viewers out too much guys.


That's not Mickey, That's Sonic Jackin'off with a ring in his nose.


I'm a lovin' it !