Reviews for "RWD: 026"

Twas OK

This clips represents the different members of the RWD or is it just my imagination?
The jew one (representing LazyMuffin I suppose) was the best

RadicalWrongDoers responds:

none of the others represented anyone.

RWD episode crap

all u do is put crap animation with crap spam and when the animation is good its pointless wdf does RWD do anyway
one the next episode of crap spam i mean RWD alot of ppl form rwd make fun of crappy shapes and all the stupidy that goes with i only found 4 of those spam submissions funny (including johnny utah's) so plzzzzzz make a funny stupifiying
shapes suck submission (wonchop rules) just like paper bat ( who is cool )
(egoraptor is overated) note this wuz pure spam like todays crappy submissions!
=P PS i give u 10 cuz your spam kills all spam it gets the best spam award of spam


shit this is fantastic, keep it up.


I wanna be like you guys when i grow up!

i really enjoyed this

i liked mario playing connect four the best but that's because i really like connect four if you want to make more connect four flashes that'd be cool

RadicalWrongDoers responds:

hey i like connect4 too