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Reviews for "Snowbot"


And so as I start on this submission, it has some interesting points, some not so interesting parts aswell, but I guess thats what the reiew feedback is for, for what works and what doesnt work, But it starts off kind of so-so but does get better, I was pleased with a few parts and hope the rest does get better, But I will suggest some feedback later. Well this was a pleasent film here and the little guitar was such a nice touch aswell as having a good tune for it to flow with, overall a decent little flick you have here. The animation was very nice in that it looked like you spent a nice amount of time working on it, and that really shows, right off from the start, but there were still some sreas that could be even better as explained in review, some basic ideas are thrown out there for your improvment of this submission, but even with that said it was a nice flash entry.

everything can allways be improved and or made better, may it be the little things so hope these small yet helpfull ideas help. So here I have added a few tips and advice on your submission, in hopes that you go with it and allow for more creativity throughout the whole flash, and in the end it will be a much better experience. I actually thought this was kind of short, I could see you stretching it out a tad more though.


All around quality. Very nice. The sharpness of each part is outstanding.

Lovely. Seeing that you did the song as well pushes it over the top. Well done!

simply fantastic :) like forreal, beautiful

AKS9 responds:

thank you a lot. its nice to hear these comments so many years later..

Holy cow, well done!

AKS9 responds:

I've seen some of those!