Reviews for "Mario slayer the return"

Pretty good.

This flash was very interesting. Normally I get tired of pixel movies relatively fast, but this had quite a lot of special effects that made it more enjoyable. I was surprised at the 'random' ending - that being the first ending I chose - because it was much more random than I had expected. The sound and visual effects were definitely the best parts of the movie, and made what could've been a lackluster Mario spoof a lot better.

I guess the main critique I have is the spelling of the rare dialect areas. Running your grammar and spelling through Word probably would've helped your score. Also, while I enjoyed the random ending, the endings in which someone won didn't have much in them; just a few seconds of winning. You definitely seem like an experienced pixel animator, though.

I'd probably have to see your other animations before I could say whether you've improved, but all things considered, this was a very good flash.

- Review Request Club -

Figter responds:

Thanks for the review mate i noticed that i do have some gramatic errors alittle here and there and im glad you liked it mate :)


Ok first of all the sound effects were much better this time. All the clashing and stuff made this a lot more enjoyable to watch. Then there's the backgrounds. These were awesome in the way that they changed and zoomed in. Also the enemies were more variad, the music was better, and the alternate endings were very enjoyable. 10/10 although I think the 5th episode was just as good .

Figter responds:

Thanks mate and yeah this was where i gotten somewhat into flash and wanted to make a challenging flash whit good quality.
Thanks for the review mate! :D


The ending of random was fucking hilarious with the sploshin!

Figter responds:

Thanks, and yeah even i laughted SO HARD


This was good. i like the fight

Figter responds:

Thanks man ^^


I have seen your movie from the start and i can see that u have growned alot in making animated movies :) Well i need to start to help u with some more ideas soon maybe ? :D cus when i did that before it was quite fun :)

Figter responds:

Thanks man and yeah i will tell u when it is time for next one ;)