Reviews for "Mario slayer the return"

Very Nice

Love the Giant Koopa fight.
Love when the alien samshes holes in the ground.
Love the random ending!

The music kept playing if you press the stop button.
The two other endings could be more exciting.

But otherwise I'm glad everything went well in the end for you guys!

Figter responds:

Thanks man and yes i forgot tho ad the stop music action to the buttons


The random ending was funny and it was all well animated. Guess our hard work payed off!

Figter responds:

Thanks yes it really did coulden't have made it whitout you


the good:
fighting sequences were good.
the random was funny, just who the frag said "Oh Shi-!"?
the bad:
Zero and the mario ending's weren't very funny.

somehow, I liked the random ending better.
I would've picked mario since he is a plumbing ninja of the mushroom kingdom.
but, somehow, random was the better.

Figter responds:

hehe i was the one saying holy shit and thanks for review


The Stop/Play button was a pretty nice addition, and I love how you get to choose the ending. Nice work!

Figter responds:

Thanks man u will se more of this


the random ending was hilarious

Figter responds:

Yeah eve i laughed at it