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Reviews for "The Dungeons and Dragons"

Nice work

I am generally not a fan of these types movies but it had some un-expected movie fun and some nice visuals. It turned out to be actually fairly enjoyable. I appreciate you looking for originality in your work as this seemed like it. so great movie entry here. And here was another great Discovery from the portal, hope to find more just like it. This was a good idea the thing about the characters is the no "MOUTHS" and I would love to see some "SUBTITLES" but other then that this was a good concept. I love that this one won some awards that was very well deserving and the content really shows off the work and time you must have put into itso nice job all around on this. And well there you have it, it was an alright flash could have some adjustments but thats for later, but for the mostpart this was still an interesting and somewhat entertaining submission, there are a few more suggestions but thats for later aswell.

This was certainly a decent production But still could use a few tips and pointers for some better imrpvment points, Some discussing here and there along with some Tweaking is Recommended And Focus on the weaker parts of the flash and make them stronger so here are some helpful tips on improvong. But hope it does help I really like this submission. Add some mouths on the characters it was rather creepy, Adding some subtitles would be a plus on this, while the voices are alright the subtitles would be just something extra to have, and something to think about.