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Reviews for "The Dungeons and Dragons"

Always a classic!

Also, great work you did, voice acting for The Blackwell Legacy!
I'll admit I didn't realize that kid was you until I heard it in the dev commentary, but then I realized where I had heard it before! :D

Anyways, always love your work!


Well, now I'm gonna have to play D&D.

This, this right here

Is why Jean Grey should never play D&D... or have children... or come back to life... again.

Anywho, love the style, love the idea and love the twist ending. If I did have to give one piece of constructive criticism, I would say look into getting an actual woman to do some of the female voice work. Its not that your female voice is by any means bad, it would just be nice to hear some variation in the voices of the female characters in your shorts.

I gotta admit

I did not see that coming

nicely done

I think this characterizes why parents don't understand games XD My little brother gets pissed at a game's campaign when I promise him $50 to beat it on it's hardest difficulty and our parents are like "Well if it's pissing him off then why's he playing it" And I think this proves why xD us guys cant succumb to the bad influence of a game but a parent(especially a mom/female) can easily turn into a dark soul man eating flesh monkey Satin O.o