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Reviews for "Castle Crashers Ep.2"

it cool

it cool man it cool

varunvaid95 responds:

thank you thank you man thank you

worse than the last one

common the last episode was more funnier and had more action, and the graphics had no improvement what so ever

varunvaid95 responds:


Meh at best...

It's too short, animation is a little... Blah but at the sametime I have a strong feeling that it can be much more then what it is. Kinda like this is just a rough draft and the final version is still being made. I have faith in you! I'll watch the 3rd one to see any improvements

varunvaid95 responds:


not bad

well it isnt great but it is still pretty good.

varunvaid95 responds:

u r so


I don't really know why this video has so many high scores. I mean, the animations ain't great, it isn't funny. Th story is a bit naff and the whole things like 40 secs long! I mean, if he spent some time on the animation, and made it longer then it would be good. But at the moment it seems almost unfinsihed.

varunvaid95 responds:

so r u