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Reviews for "Castle Crashers Ep.2"

yeah, could be a little longer, or more episodes.

hell, if u can make it good enough (better animation, real voices, and without buttons) and more episodes, you could make a series. (once you do that for 30 episodes you could think about making a dvd) also make the episodes a little longer.

varunvaid95 responds:

I wish. I don't have the attention span :s

Why the Fuck!!!

are these episodes so short? im tryn to watch sum kickass tributes then this hits my corneas ...ugh...

varunvaid95 responds:

Yeah, sorreasy. I don't!!! Know why they're short?

Very cool!

yeah it was cool but you need to make the episodes longer and it will deserve 10/10

varunvaid95 responds:

:) thnx


I don't really understand what the big hype is about this series. I truthfully don't find it that good. And the animation was, well, sub-par. But the music was rockin.

varunvaid95 responds:

..There's HYPE..?


wheres number 3

varunvaid95 responds:

In Neverland, right next to the Easter Bunny.