Reviews for "Advent Calendar '08"


I think you should put burnt face man on there next year

Mattster responds:

I was planning on it, I want to do more characters that I didn't include this year, although, I can't say who they are, that'd ruin it ;)

it was good

the only thing you needed to add was more characters

Mattster responds:

I might do more characters next year, thanks for the review!

Pretty good.

For what it is, I like it. The art was pretty good, but it was kind of messy. They didn't really seem finished.

The intro animation is pretty slow, and when the pictures open and close, they are slow also.

You did a pretty good job putting it together. Nice job!

Mattster responds:

Thanks. It's hard for me since I have a very good Vista computer, so it runs really fast for me. How didn't the photos look finished?? I need to add 1 more update, I'll add a skip intro button along with it :)

Really cool... but...

Hey, that was pretty damn cool! Where's Orgasm Girl? :P

Mattster responds:

I asked Orgasm Girl if she wanted in, but she was having an orgasm . . .so yea, maybe next year.

omg wow

I wish there was
and some lucy

but overall great....hey maybe next year u can add my character jak when i finish my flash ^_^. its gona be a series.

Mattster responds:

I should have added eddsworld! AHH :P Oh well, I can't have everyone can I?
I'll be making another next year! I may take some of those suggestions :) This year was the ones I was farmiliar with.