Reviews for "Advent Calendar '08"

Nice stuff

The pictures were cool and drawn nicely.
But why'd you make so many from RAB?

Mattster responds:

Why not, those guys are hilarious!

Well, they are all more or less popular, and I like them. Next year I will try to make more individual ones. Actually, next year will have a variety of things :)


loved it XD blockhead!!! liked teh madness one!! =D this flash is OVER 9,000!!!

Mattster responds:

lol thanks :D
Blockhead was my favourite one to draw.


Finally a non santa parrody...

Mattster responds:

Lol. Although, I had lots of Santa Violence. . .when he was around :D

Very,very good!

I love it.
All of them were great,but some stood out like Alein Hominid,Dad,and Madness.
I expected to see Pico,Nene,Darnell,P-Bot,and a few others.

Mattster responds:

Pico was in the background. I ran out of time to do Nene Darnell and the Bots.

Expect to see them next year :)

ahh great!

I finally get to see the 24th.
Alien Hominid! lol

Mattster responds:

Glad you like it :D