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Reviews for "Sonic Vs Mario Episode 1"

its been done...

i'm not saying its stolen (cuz it isnt), but the whole "mario vs. sonic" scenario has been done so many times its gotten old and unoriginal (to me at least).

the idea of adding new fighters as the story progresses makes it a bit unique from the others, but not by much.

also, 2 craters just appeared out of nowhere when sonic and mario jumped up high. i suggest adding some smoke or something similiar to hide their sudden appearence.

overall a 7/10 from me. good work animating, but there's still some room for improvement (like hiding sudden changes for example).


good sprite animation
i liked it


that was really great it was better than the first

That was pretty good.

Cudos. I give you a 3/5. I've seen better, but I've definatly seen much worse too.

pretty good.

it's too short though. and by the looks of the guy that falls from the sky and lands in the dust it's a koopa. lol im pretty sure its a koopa. CYLDETHEPACGHOST FTW!!