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Reviews for "Sonic Vs Mario Episode 1"

Nice try, but a blatant SMBZ attempt.

It seems you have some potential as a sprite-flash artist, but anyone who's been to Newgrounds could see you were imitating Alvin-Earthworm. The music, the characters, and those "critical hits" (which were a bit overdone in this flash IMO), and the fighting style are examples of this.

This was a pretty good attempt, I would say, and you've shown that you do have a bit of skill, but next time try to be more original and use your own ideas. Nobody has a patent on Mario and Sonic sprite videos, but use your own themes and less clich├ęd music.

CopyCat !!

You got thesame thing from Alvin-Earthworm. You did the same thing but not in a good way. This Sucks. You, and the rest of you, should just go back to waiting for SMBZ Ep. 8 to come out.


seriously... all you did was watch mario bros Z and copy it, but instead make it so where mario and sonic fight each other. you used the same sounds, music, ''power hits'' -- EVERYTHING!!!
you did good as far as putting it together, but poor on origionality. very very poor.

Alexman159 responds:

what happened to judging on the quality and entertainment value of a flash...

Alvin beat you to it

Were do you find that awesome fighting music?

Old idea, done poorly

While I have nothing against sprite fights, this doesn't stir me as much as some other works. Not only are the blurs and tweens somewhat poorly done, but some of the character animations (See- Mario panting) are extremely off-kilter.

Fix these by finding the point on the character that should stay the same- for Mario's panting, it should be his feet, as they do not move at all.

Also, use some new music. Back to Mad is horribly overused- find your own little tune.

That's all I got- Keep working.