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Reviews for "Pirates of the Night"

Not bad, I really love it :)

Indigorain responds:

Thanks a lot man! I appreciate it :D

Dang this is really good! Most other "pirate" songs don't even have the necessary sea feeling to them but in this one it's really evident. Good job! Keep the awesome work up!

Indigorain responds:

Thanks so much man! :D

great to have songs (without dubstep elements) in the monthly best!
nice song man!

Indigorain responds:

Thanks a lot broski! :D


at 2:00 i thought there was gonna be a dirty dubstep drop after the sick build up xD

Indigorain responds:

Haha, it is a possibility, it's 140 bpm just like dubstep :D
But thanks man! Hope ye have lot's of wind in the sails!!

Oh come on-since when do we have unreasonable voters on Newgrounds?? <<<<<<<SARCASM
^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^
!!SArCAsM!!! !!!!!!TOTALLY sARcAsm!!!!!!!

Nice song, it was a little redundant, but not too bad. It really is a pirate song, and you did a great job making it so. I think it would maybe be cool if it was faster pace.
Not sure...it's good the way it is, too! :DDD

Indigorain responds:

Hey thanks man! :D
About the faster pace, when you listened to a faster song before listening to this one, you might indeed get the feeling it is too slow. But you gotta be careful with the tempo with these kind of songs. They often sound easily too fast.