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Reviews for "Pirates of the Night"

Wow. This song really did blow my mind. I downloaded it, put it on my iPod, and haven't stopped listening to it. The melody is brilliant and works with the title and the theme and the whole tune just rocks through my head and makes me want to get up and dance.

It works.

Indigorain responds:

Wow, thanks for the awesome review, bro! :D
Much appreciated! <3

Yes, I admit, I dream to music. And I usually come up with weird concepts while at it. For example:
Pirates. On a wooden frigate. Finished with loads of blueish steel, as the frigate is now IN SPACE. Surrounded by a forcefield to keep the atmosphere. The pirates are now dancing to the sounds of a weird electric-accordion-something-instrume nt and a mechanical parrot on the captain's robotic arm squawks to the rhythm. Where are they going? Probably to pillage another space station in this sector of galaxy...

Err, I was supposed not to "post stupid nonsense" but there is little to criticize here. So I'll get back to enjoying this on my mp3 and maybe someday recreate that mental image in Blender... maybe...

Actually I've realized that I haven't gone through your submissions yet... well, time to make it up ^^

Indigorain responds:

Haha, I love nonsense! :D
And this is a time to say 'cool story bro' without the sarcastic tone! :D
But really, thanks a lot for the kind words and for checking out my music! I really appreciate it! :D:D

Love it, Don't think there was anything wrong with it.

Indigorain responds:

Hey, thanks man! :D


Indigorain responds:

Thanks, I guess! :D

For Gods sake someone make a flash with this song!

Indigorain responds:

That, my good sir, would be awesome! :D:D