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Reviews for "YOU are a PIRATE!"

why didn't anyone think of this before?!

Quite possibly the best excuse to use "you are a pirate" ever, I could be all critical about the drawing but I won't since this was just made mostly for the lawls. The only thing I will say is it needed more pirated software examples for extra lolz.

Starogre responds:

it's for educational value. no one on newgrounds makes flash animation for others to learn from. that is where the idea came from. learning is success

Hahaha, Great job!

Based on a true story, with good sound quality and animation smoothness!

However, the graphics used could have been improved upon.

This was good and I hope to see more!

Starogre responds:

yea i only had a few days to think of it and make it for an english class presentation

i'll make better stuff just for you. wait and seeeeeeeeeeee


This is awesome because of it's simplicity!

Starogre responds:

and your review is just stunning because of its simplicity :D


great job man i like your animating style. you should make more

Starogre responds:

thanks! occasionally i whip out amazing crapfest style

Aww, so awesome

Pirates, Captain Planet, Pirating, what more can you get? This is my favorite musical animation by far =D

Starogre responds:

thanks man! i owe it all to the music!