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Reviews for "YOU are a PIRATE!"

This has a pretty good message in it.

This had a good message but i just think that song was a little too unneccesary. Piracy is a SERIOUS matter not to be fooled with with some little kid pirate song. All just to say keep up the good work(most of it anyways lol jk)and leave out the kiddish cartoons please!

Starogre responds:

sorry kiddish cartoons are the easiest to animate in a short time! haha thanks though.


Omg dude that was awesome. I totally have to agree with you at the end. So entertaining too. All my 5's are here


Starogre responds:

thanks so much haha not expecting that

You are, we are, I am...

A pirate. This was so funny, how you got everything to refer to keygens, etc. 9/10, 5/5, 90%

I loved it, well done!

Starogre responds:

thanks, i had to make it educational somehow


I don't agree but good music vid

Starogre responds:

agree with what? the law?