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Reviews for "Frank Jones"


I laughed while watching this one. Though the song wasn't your own thank you for bringing it to us.

I was vote 666... am I the devil?! :P

nice animation... the song was funny, and the animation just added to it. keep it up!


the epic keeping up with the joneses battle, HA! loved it, the song the art EVERYTHING! awesome keep it up, youre great

Forgive me if I'm wrong...

Is the song a loose parody of "Big Bad John"?
It's definitely of the same style.

I actually liked the song a lot. There were a few points where the flow seemed interrupted, but otherwise, very nice. Done very well.

The animation was pretty good too, very humorous characters.
All in all, Good Job!

- Jeremiah Frost -


funky idea but not to bad