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Reviews for "-::Rolling On::-"

its good

Man think you've done a great job on this game.
its a good job done and it looks like you part a lot
of time and hard work into making it


That is fucking awesome man. Soo many levels

ASP responds:

Awww, thanks.


What an AWESOME game you made there. So simple, with only a few actionscripts, yet so beautiful and REALLY CREATIVE!

Man, you just got me ALOT of AWESOME ideas in my mind, and thank you for making such an AWESOME, INSPRING & BEAUTIFUL game :D


I beat it

Haha I usualy get bored with a game like in two minutes cause its repeatative. But your the music the animations the stupid stuff that was in there like the cat... Who I had a staring contest with... It was awesome i love the red bullet and the sword one... Great man flippin awesome!


That was actually very interesting... especially for someone like me who _will_ attempt to break every brick or clear every balloon before they re-appear. The two black-and-white patterns with shifting patterns were incredibly addictive puzzles (to me, anyway). After my mouse marred the cleanliness, I just _had_ to get it all to one color again, somehow.

Several of those could be turned into actually fun mini-games. The ones with the bricks that revealed a further, larger layer of bricks underneath would be insane if it had several more increasingly small/distant layers, a time limit, and a counter.