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Reviews for "-::Rolling On::-"

and now

now its time to take these and add them into a interactive rpg game. good little scrips. lots of variation and looked great. Work them into a game or even just a find the difference.

ASP responds:

I'd like to use these as a terrain but as you saw with the last puzzle, having them move across the screen (I tried a VCam because tweening would've make all hell break loose) lags alot. It might not happen.


quite a few were pretty cool. two didn't work but i dont know what numbers they were. i liked most of them. number one hundred had horrible slowdown. nice work.

ASP responds:

100 was at the fastest it could go. Sorry.

Pretty awesome

I would be lying if I said that this was not fun, I like what you have here, and I think if you took what you have on here, you could impliment it into something amazing. I hope to see a game or two that utilises some of these scripts that you have on here.

ASP responds:

But the scripts are way too simple, a monkey could do them.

How do you think this game was made?


That is fucking awesome man. Soo many levels

ASP responds:

Awww, thanks.


this had some unique and interesting works in it. but they were buried under so many "same script - different graphics" repetitive pieces that they were overshadowed. clean this up a bit (a lot actually) and work on it some more. it definitely has potential.