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Reviews for "Chasing the Devil"


mind: blown. song: amazing. creepy. awesome. yes.

My most favorite part of this song would be from 0:29 - 0:56.
That snare and kick are some epic deliciousness on the ears!

As always amazing work!

Liek Always, Ur music Is Good.

i´ve always loved that music, i listened it all my vacations, its so noustaugic, i like to feel it

cheshyre responds:

That's awesome!! ROADTRIPS!!!! Thanks for the comment!

Wow, I didn't think you'd actually take my suggestion! :) (if you don't remember I suggested that you name a song "Return of the Cheshyre"(second page of reviews of fall of cheshyre) I feel so special :p

Great song btw! I'll always be a fan of your work.

cheshyre responds:

I do remember and thanks for the great suggestion! Thanks for the comment also!