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Reviews for "Chasing the Devil"

first evil laugh sounds like something from banjo and kazzoi

The creepy laugh is bad. Other is great.

I love this song. very unique compared to other techno beats.. 6/5

The song itself is really good, however that creepy laugh in the background is rather annoying and tends to ruin the song a bit for me :/ If possible it would be nice if you could remove it, but it is up to you. It's still an amazing song though :D

I really love your stuff, and I have most of it downloaded and listen to it now and then along with my other music. And I really do like this song too.
BUT, I'm a bit silly and I'm really no fan of the laughter in it, and it kind of breaks the song for me :/
Would it be too big of a favour to ask you to PM me a version without the laughs? :s

I'd be very thankful, you're one of my favourite artists and I often check out your page for new submittions :D

Your song gets 5 stars though, as I feel it would be unfair to rate it any lower.