Reviews for "Bill Cosby Pokemon Rap"


it was a good vid but i really didnt get the point

friggin' sweet

That was amazing man. The animation was great and fit along with the music quite nicely. Keep up the good work. :D

Prue Awesome

this flash was not only funny and entertaining, but I feel that it was very well animated too. Your flashes are really coming along and i think you are really getting more professional with all this. 5/5 and 10/10. you deserve them both man.

UberCream responds:

Superdimples! Thanks for the review.

Really Funny

I know you didn't make the music, but I think that it doesn't really sound like Bill Cosby until after Squirtle says, "What's the difference between me and you?" I thought it was a funny song though, and a nice choice to animate to.

P.S. (to the douche below me)

Obviously it's from YTMND. It says so in the description. If he gave credit to the artist, it's not stealing. So maybe YOU should get it straight.

UberCream responds:

A thank to you, sir!


That was hilarious dude