Reviews for "Bill Cosby Pokemon Rap"

Great stuff

One question: Where's the easter egg? I can't find it. And what's the secret password for the super duper secret animation? If it's not too much trouble, that is.

UberCream responds:

The easter egg is in a corner of the screen in one of the times where bill says "NO." The password appears written in the video. It is a "word" that doesn't belong in a sequence with identical words.


the secret animation was more random than the actual video......

UberCream responds:

Wow, you actually found the secret animation! Good job, you win!


Where can I download this audio? I want it. Also, great animation, went well with the music.

Awesome face!

Love Mr. Cosby and Mew of course...
Artwork wasn't perfect but who cares its all about content.


i found the easter egg by pressing tab to find it then i clicked it and the password is omigod because on the fourth roll or film by the big camera it says omigod, not ass film.