Reviews for "Dearly Beloved Once More"

It's so incredibly easy for me to get chills and cry at this song from the sadness in the piano, but I do not get depressed. It does not have that depressing feel, just the feel of sadness. If I need a good cry, I'll come here.
Of course, it brings back the nostalgia of KH sooooo hard. <3
DL'd within first 5 seconds
;) <3

Beautiful arrangement, I can't even think of any improvements

brings me right back :]

Lol brings back days when i would sit at the start menu to listen to the song or while i was doing my homework, good times! Great work btw! Square Enix should seriously consider using this for KH3's start menu if it ever comes out! it would be epic! all my five belong to you my good sir! you earn it!

A real nice remix indeed. Pleasing to hear it on occasion. ^^
Good job. 5/5

Fcked at. Back to Base.
I search this song for almost 2 years