Reviews for "Dearly Beloved Once More"

This is the most beautiful dearly beloved remix I ever heard ~*cries*.

Great song man, 10/10 :D

I don't believe it... you... you did it. I always believed music could never be truly replicated by a different artist than the author-- in this case, the composition of Yoko Shimomura. But somehow you were able to reignite my imagination of Kingdom Hearts.

The magic, the mystery, the power that just draws you in from that piano... From hearing it I'm so excited and happy-- I'm just waiting for the adventure to begin once again. I'm ready... to dream again.

Are you real?

Let me present to you a true 5/5 score. (PS. The drum was a nice touch, it made it epic)

...I love it!

Seems like it's going to rain...

You remade this beautifully. Congrats to you! :D I love to see fan stuff and this is just wonderful! Thanks for sharing