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Reviews for "Sonic Superform SC"


At last the scene creators are here. This is a first. Really cool. I like hyper shadow. I think you should make more of these.

eny others

dude ar u makin eny other of these scene creators super,mega etc etc
it wud be reely cool if u did


I say hyper what a site I have been waiting 4 something like this i am very happy.

Very Well Done!

You have made something that only comes around once and awhile. You should be very proud of yourself!

superboy23 responds:

And I am, thank you.

Great Job

You've outdone yourself i finally made my pyramid of strongest ppl
Hyper sonic Berzerk Nazo Hyper Shadow
Dark Sonic Darkspine Sonic Normal Nazo Mephilles Dark Mephilles
Super Sonic Super shadow Super Tails Super knuckles Super amy Super Silver

This wuz the pyramid i made cos i wuz bored

superboy23 responds:

Heh, heh.