Reviews for "Sonic Superform SC"

Almost perfect

its good but adding the mario characters makes no sense when you add them at least dont forget to add super mario (not super mario but The SUPER mario there are sprites of golden mario, luigi,yoshi etc etc.) ever since im 50% sonic and 50% mario fan il give it 7 stars -3 cause of the unbalance between mario and sonic in this scene creator if you didnt ad those mario figures or if u added more of thos mario figures , the golden incl ofcourse =P i would give it a 10

superboy23 responds:

Its an extra for God's sake.


i just got a white screen, but it sounds good so cool!

Super Awsome

you put all the super forms thats super awsome and i like that you got a few mario characters there


I was doin this da whole time


wow i thought i was going to pass out and i like how you only put super forms