Reviews for "Body Ladder"

it`s good, but..

it could be better like more power ups and you could attack while jumping
but anyway good 9/10 5/5


nice game , but seriously a pause button would be nice, and if there is 1 please tell me were it is cuz i cant find it

Pretty fun.

But I found a couple of glitches.

1. If you pile up enemies using the gun, the camera will continue to push you up regardless of if you have bodies underneath you. Doing this I managed to get up to about 262 feet and 96k score... but unfortunately I couldn't send score because...
2. A TON of enemies started spawning, and when I shot them they all started dying at the same time and the animations eventually froze the game completely.

More upgrades would be nice, too. ;)

Keep up the good work.


simplicity rules for gameplay but after a lil bit i got bored .once i got the pistols it bacame un-fun maybe space for psy next time so u can do headshots hm?

Lots of fun

It was great and all, but I found a glitch
If you somehow make a part of yourbody pile be above you (like, forming some kind of ceiling), and you touch it, you get stuck, you can get out if you keep increasing your pile with psi power, but otherwise you're completely stuck