Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Red 13"

definitely a favourite for my audio list, an 8 min loop with dem epic vibes from a certain nintendo's and sega's

It sounds like it's a remix of Dark Bowser fight from Mario & Luigi - Bowsers Inside Story


Wow, such a great song. I do enjoy the way the song takes a "journey" to the 16-bit era and returns to clear synths and piano. It kinda reminded me of The Legend of Zelda, a Link to the Past. Although a bit lengthy for a loop, it does not get a lot repetitive. Truly, it's a remarkable song! Good job, ParagonX9
(Sorry, if I mispesled anything, 'not bilingual)

Love it! It's a really beautiful piece. Are you planning on uploading anything for 2013?

Awesome!!! I wish you had more songs... anyway they're all awesome! :D