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Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Red 13"

I agree with the other people here, this totally reminds me of 'In the Final' from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, but I find it with a hint of Final Fantasy in there as well.

reminds me of the grand finale form bowsers inside story. was this on purpose?

This masterpiece properly represents its Final Fantasy counterpart, Red 13 itself. With that in mind, this song reminds me of a fast creature like a cheetah on it's rampage for prey. It constantly chases it down, not stopping at all and repeating the chase as much as possible until its prey is caught, which explains the repetition of key parts in the song.

This is the longest song in newgrounds! And very nice style in this music. :D

Lol Bowsers Inside Story was the first game I owned, got it for my 7th birthday. Meaning this is one of the most nostalgic songs I've heard in my life. Of course, there's people saying your music all sucks and gets high ratings because of a bunch of brainwashed people, but they are all crapfaces. Who cares about them? I was introduced to electronic music from GD, which uses so much of your music. I look forward to your return!