Reviews for "Zero Race"


It's really good! The jumping is a bit laggy but otherwise, it's great!

you're not right.

This was not a piece of shit no in reality no in a dream! Its perfect!
(the sounds are from megaman x4 right?)


man! you cant just call this a piece of shit!!!!! it is great! how do you choose the next level?

sweet memories ;_;

i've been playing this since it came out...and i still can't beat the final level, i mean i see one last machine thingy and a weird invisible platform..but no other machines to destroy the barrier to the last one! i mean grr! ;_; 6 years and i still cant do it XD i love this game so much, it's brilliant and one of my favourites of all time. dont hate it, i think its great <333333

Very Fun!

How can you call this a piece of shit? This is fun! It could do with a few improvments, but it's still fun as hell.