Reviews for "Zero Race"


i imput the password and it didnt do any thing!cool game though

What "piece of shit" are you blabbin' about!

Thy game is fakin' awesome


Agreed to DarkestHalo. It is hard to jump from the walls. But its cool. I recgonise I music I know from this game from "Cyber Peackock's" stage in Megaman X4!

Wall jump

Am I the only one having problems trying to wall jump onto a platform because theres not enough room? Just wonderin'. Great game though

Piece of Shit? Not a chance!!!!!

You must be FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the best non-professional original games I HAVE EVER PLAYED. I even found teh easter egg for getting "S"-rank on every level. AAWWEEEEESSSSSSSSOMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEE!
Don't sell yourself short, dude.