Reviews for "death note"

Nice one!

Dude, that was neat!

Art: +3
Not using flash for art: -0.5
Menu type thingy: +1
Yaoi: -1
Death Note: +3
Lenght: +2
Music: -0.5 (lol, wtf was that music about xD)

wich makes 3-0.5+1-1+3+2-0.5= 7

~ Bhaku

same here

wired music, they're not gay (I know, I saw the entire show), but AWSOME ART MY MAN

eh okay

i give you a six cuz the music was fucked up and L and light arent gay but youre drawing is pretty good keep at it :)

a few things to say

1) Light and L are not gay
2) That song was messed up
3) A bit weird for some reason
Despite all these, you got a ten because of your excellent drawing ability : D

for some reason...

for some reason i actually like the music better like that!!! if only the lyrics weren't messed up..=_=