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Reviews for "Ragdoll Fun"


cool how you make them longer but i wouldn't say bigger


I encourage you to expand your creative input. This game serves its function, but it isn't really fun. I don't know if it is because of the redundancy but I'm sure its possible to salvage it and make it better. Add something to give it character and originality.

a ragdoll game

thats really all there was to say. pick him up, thow him, repeat. the size thing didnt add much, you should add some things to throw him into or some backgrounds. i was only going to give you a couple of points, but i like what you did with the sound when you move him.

you need a 7mb load for that???

what you have here is a rag doll engine, it does not stand out as brilliant, nor does it stand out as awful. However its 7MB and its just the engine??? These are not new and you have provided a decent engine with bad graphics and 1 sound track and no actual 'game' to back it up. Use this engine to actually make 'something' and ill be impressed

Another ragdoll game...

Only this one is 7.1 MB. Many people (especially the ones with slow modems) would prefer you to export the music differently to drop the file size, such as making it play as an MP3 or decreasing the bit rate. To do this in CS3, right click the music in the library, then click on properties, then change the export settings. This also looks like you made it with a tutorial. A 2 for effort though.