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Reviews for "Ragdoll Fun"

Way... way too generic.

Not very interactive. Looks like something you'd download off a tutorial. Add features; some interactivity...

Kevin responds:

I used a tutorial....


You will get my 10 if you let us add stuff to the background. :D

Well... im sorry...

But this is simply a sample file downloaded from the internet (not sure quite where, but i found the exact same one) and all you have done is changed the blood line thinckness and made a few buttons that change an '_root.limblength' variable or something to a higher or lower number

because of this, there was not much effort put in on your part and i am sorry but i am giving you a low 3/10 and 1/5

I liked this game a lot

even though there are a ton of this type of game it was still one of my favorites 4/5

Kevin responds:



First of all Too Generic, There are too many ragdoll flingers. Secondly, Too Pixelated. the animation was ok, but not good enough.