Reviews for "Shortpacked!"


That was a little close to home.
I may have to change my ways.
Or tell everyone I knew about this cartoon before they did.

It was very good and funny...but?

I just hope nothing it stolen

other than that fear it was well done and funny as hell


You know...

I knew about this before you made it!
This was hilarious, and sadly outlines many forum discussions.


Before you even made this animation I totally knew about this. XD just kidding.

Great animation, and really funny. I really enjoyed it.

I didn't know that before him

Wel .. uuhh...That was cool. I think that the guy on the computer hada funny head. (No offence to any person/s that the character may have been based on) ... Hang on .. (What am I thinking. If there is a person or persons out there who had that character based off them you have a funny head! teehee)

But seriously good stuff! However I didn't give you full marks because it was short. Which is kind of unfair because its a short animation but..life stinks like my brother so you get that.