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Reviews for "Wave Warrior EXE1(Edited)"

The grammar sucks but u are a great game author......i cant get past rouge,HELP!!!!!
Oh!And ur awsome <)

An Interesting Sonic RPG

This is a pretty interesting Flash Movie/Game. It actually has a decent amount of battles ( Most Sonic RPGs only have like 1 or 2 battles ) in it. And the battles are pretty challenging. Heck, I had to redo some of them.

Battles: Even though the battles are fun, imo most of your skills are pretty much useless, as you can't afford to even use them! And most of the time your healing instead of fighting, as the enemies do WAY to mcuh damage w/ their atks. Thus making it hard to think of a decent strategy. As for the Overdrive, it dosen't do enough damage. And you shouldn't have to use up any of your SP to use it, regardless of how little it requires. Another thing that would help would be showing exactly how much HP&SP you have, instead of just showing the bars. That would REALLY help when planning your strategy. Also, it says that ability where you can absorb your enemies health only takes 10 SP ( Same as Heal ) but I wasen't able to do it, yet WAS able to use Heal. Might wanna fix that.

Sound: The sound was a little scratchy/edgy at times. Mainly when you use your OverDrive atk.

Dialouge: Now the Dialouge was the main problem w/ this. The Spelling/Grammar was just HORRIBLE! Half of the time I honestly couldn't make out what the chars. were even saying! It made following the story really confusing, and was also irritating. And there was alot of Dialouge that I wasen't able to even read period, as it was skipped, when the scene changed. But, truly the main problem was the Bad Spelling.

Storyline: Now I've got to admit, that your storyline for this is very interesting. I like how it seems to be an AU of the Sonic the Hedgehog Universe, as hardly any of the chars. regonize/know eachother, and they seem to be aware of certain elements from the other games you've mixed w/ this. Though the storyline is indeed interesting; like I stated above it's a little hard to follow due to the bad spelling.

Overall: A Pretty decent and interesting Sonic RPG Flash Movie/Game despite it's flaws. Could defiently stand for some improvement ( ESPECIALLY in the Proper Spelling Department ) here-and-there. But still enjoyable enough. 3/5 7/10

P.S. I hope that my review did not upset or offend you in anyway, as I mean no offence/dis-respect. I'm simply giving my perspective opinion is all.

sonic vs zero

zero is a piece of cake

Frame skip

The game is coooool!

But you need to make consecutive frames!
This game has a lot of frame skip!

But is cool!

When is ww exe 3 is going be

Please tell me :D