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Reviews for "Wave Warrior EXE1(Edited)"

This game Owned!!!

It wasn't easy and it wasn't too hard. I love how you made it so on the last boss you have to die a few times to understand how to kill her.

Ima playing the second one now.

Arthuria99 responds:

haha,,,glad u enjoyed it^^

very good

it is a very good game and i like to ask: are you working on wave warrior exe episode 2

Arthuria99 responds:

for ur information
wave warrior exe 2 is already finished
but the filesize goes over 10 megabyte :p
i'm waiting for tomfulp respond
coz i need his permissionif i want to upload flash over 10mb

Pretty sweet

I liked it alot. I am asuming that you liked the breath of fire seris since you put the Breath of fire 4 theme song as the intro song. keep up the good work.

Arthuria99 responds:

hell yea...
wave warrior exe is compilation of sonic,megaman and breath of fire world :p


Fun, bu I feel that the battle with Espio is a bit unbalance his powerful attack does so much damage, and mine doesn't even compare to his. I have fought him numerous times, but to no avail. I can't win. Wonderful story though.

Arthuria99 responds:

but espio is not the hardest one u know
there are 3 battle in this game
the last one is more hard than espio

thats better

finally i can see the health of enemy and im so ecxited!!! YOU ROCK!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!

Arthuria99 responds:

thanks man