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Reviews for "Wave Warrior EXE1(Edited)"

Other thing

To level down the dificulty of Rouge battle, wich is fucking impossible, another idea is delete her attack that sends millions of bubles that gets Sonic almost defeated, u know... the attack that have 95% chance to 1-hit complete pwn


Rouge can not be beaten! She never runs out of SP! And she has twice as much HP as Sonic! Give Sonic a Super Sonic transformation other than the Zero Soulinker! And make it so that you STAY Super Sonic!

Arthuria99 responds:

Roger that


Knuckles should have Infern And Jet should have Harpua

cool men

i have play al the epsiode wave warrior 1 ithe best!

Not bad; could be better...

I'll rate this a seven because it was a pretty solid storyline (as well as unique). Though, I will say that this has some things going against it as well: bland fights, repetitive strategy, bugs such as unintentional ring missing (I'll be right in the line, and somehow only get 2 or 3...how is that?), and some grammar/punctuation errors.

I'm not going to lie, this rate felt a little bit too lenient; but I've got to cut you some slack, since this is technically your first in the series (It's not like the first of every series was ZOMG-Pwnage).

If you ever want some help with like grammar and the such for the characters, you can always PM me the script of what you want on there, and I'll type up (or fix the errors on) the script to not only make the reviewers understand what is being said, but also help give some solidity and professional look to your little project. If you even want the more solid form of the music (like I noticed you used the BGM for one of the scenes, and not sure if you want a reformatted/remastered version of it), I can help you out there also.

Though I know there are others, I will watch them and rate them; but I feel that this review that I put here might honestly be the best I could put for all of the submissions for this series you submit.


Keep it up bro; one of these days you'll be doing some hardcore shit like ChamberACR, MidnightMaren, and the other guys.