Reviews for "Infection Game"

Great :D

Pretty fun, but the fact that
you can't shoot then from far
annoying. xD
anyways good job :D

this is a mixture of

The C word, space invaders,tetris,and dome other few puzzles like your ideas in your own BIG world your in


very nice game, really fun to loose time, but kind of repetitive, i just pressed the right key and keep pressing the powerups 1,3,7 when they where out, and then alternating the numbre 2,5,6 doing that in 25 min i was on the top 20, i finally decided to lose cuz i get tired, only doin that for 40min u could get to the top 5, but nice concept, rteally cool game and i really enjoyed it!!! keep up the good work, i{ll be waiting for the sequel!!!

A bit easy

It was a good game but it was to easy and after the first thousand waves I could not tell if the difficulty was going up. I got to wave 5047 with 79640006 points, Rank 6 all time.


place 211 XD

Wave 899

It was allright