Reviews for "STERN"

Much potential - more flaws

Holy crap, this game has so much potential, but there are a lot of things standing in its way. First off, a menu screen is an absolute neccesity. Perhaps you had one, but there was no direction on how to access it, so I wasn't able to see it.

Second, my first non scripted battle was not one in which I was able to succeed. Both my regular attack and my magic attack did the same amount of damage, which was less than my opponent's. In addition, my opponent started with more hp than I did, and my heal spell made up for a single attack. Furthermore, when my foe dropped my hp down to -432, the game froze. I didn't die, nothing changed on screen, and all interactivity failed.

I can't wait to experience this game in it's completion, but a substantial amount of debugging and design fixes are in order before that can occur.

Need some fixes

Game is loading well and is making nice impression but...:
No chance to see statistics of character no option to flee, defence, using items,and much more... at battle, nbo exping system, AND THE WORST IS MANY MANY BUGS....
But I hope U can fix bugs and game cuz I see U have very nice idea for this game... but it needs some fix and work and it can be ROX ;)
very nice sounds ;)

not bad

the enemies are a little too hard unless you keep usin your magic your normal attack just doesnt do enough damage


There is something what you must fix. when i fight whit guard and kick his ass it shows me this scen over and over and i cant do nothing fix it pleas! game should be nice when its gonna work fine

Bugs and more Bugs

This looked like it had ptential but a few bugs in the first few fights. against guard was most of them. you attacked and then another battle with zeggai started, after winning you go to town and fight again. You can repeatedly attack the guard to death by attacking, waiting for the sound of attack then clicking again. Once battle is over the cut scene shows you kill him 3 guards behind, goes to eye, and repeats that cut scene.