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Reviews for "Find Jonny, hentai pics"

jhonny sounded like he was under 12.

so how old are you? if its your voice lol.
anyway pics sucked, too easy , pluss you could cheat if you wanted too.


The pictures that you had to 'find johnny' in where higher resolution than the hentai.

Utter waste of time.


its ok

too easy

The cursor turns into a link cursor when you hover over jony, making it incredibly easy.

Not only that, but you can beat the whole game by merely clicking "Play" on the drop down right click menu, going from slide to slide.

Fix that and the cursor.

Oh, and get some good music.


Not even close to good hentai. And I gotta agree with the other reviewers, since you didn't draw any of them I can't give you even a decent score. Sorry.