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Reviews for "Find Jonny, hentai pics"


you say "its my first hentai" but these are not made by you. The game was, but it was horrible. Finding a green rectangle on a picture just isn't fun. Maybe have something else to find.

It's funny how u say this is my first hentai...

When none of it is technically your work...
I was pretty badly put togather and easy to cheat.

Nothing special...
Nothing New....

I say if your gonna submit hentai to newgrounds actually draw it...

hmm perhaps

you just should rethink your collab partner choice

worst hentai ever

tab = win
right click then forward = win
the song was terrible
the pictures were small and very poor quality
the beginning menu and the you win screen as well as jonny look like they were all made in paint... by a 5 year old and the rest isnt even yours
the game itself is extremely short