Reviews for "Clear Vision: Elite"

great game. The shaking of the rifle makes it more realistic, I should know...I very well trained in taking long range shots and hitting the target in one shot. "one shot, one kill" is what I was trained to do. Vry well done

Alright, so it was good, but there are MAJOR problems in it.

Number One: The Shaky Scope. While it's not THAT big of a problem, in the beginning of the game, it's just annoying, especially without the accuracy boosting upgrades. I get what you were going at, it's supposed to be realistic, but the shaking was just nonsense.

Problem Number Two: The Payment. Alright, I know, again, not that big of a deal. But the problem is, the more difficult a mission is, you usually pay them more money each time you succeed. $1500 dollars per mission is just rubbish. Yes, on the easy ones, it might have satisfied me, but on the harder ones, it was just a nuisance.

Problem Number Three: Free Roaming Scope. Now, this one was big. If you're going to add zoomable scopes, you might as well make them able to move around the map. Independently. Without being fixed in one area.

Problem Number Four: The last two levels, or in particular MOTHERFUCKING MIKE FERNANDO. Johan was still doable, I only had to redo it like twice or so. But the hardest mission was utter rubbish. If you're going to make a sniping game, you might as well do it right, by using distractions! A sniping game is supposed to be about stealth, subtly, SHOOTING FROM A DISTANCE. Either Jake is a retard who has to stand about 20 yards away from the targets, or those machine guns have very long range, which I doubt, because machine guns aren't SUPPOSED to have long range.

I know you were getting at, you were going for the more realistic point of view. But dear lord, most people don't die from one shot of a bullet, and those who do must have been shot in the head at point blank range.

Overall, it wasn't great, it didn't sparkle like the previous games. That doesn't mean I don't like it, otherwise, I would've given it a 0 instead of a 3.5.

Great game, last two levels are SO FUCKING HARD. Great job.

Feels unfinished. The hit boxes are way off iv put bulletholes in there heads (i can see the visal bullethole painted on his head) but it dosnt register, you have to hit them in the exact spot to kill them, and alot of times, like on the very hard levels, ill shoot he wont die, shoot again, kill him, and 1st bullet hole will be in the same spot as the 2nd.
Also on the snow level i shot the guy on the snowmobile, he feel over and i still failed. And when kill the guy in the hat, i saw his hat fall off and he dropped, but he appeared in the next room as if i never hit him.

Now this game was great,
and he was free from killing,and now hes safe.