Reviews for "Clear Vision: Elite"

Not so great...
This would've been one of my favorite Clear Vision games if it wasn't for that FU**ING SHAKY SCOPE! I literally wasted 2 clips on one guy. I know you're trying to make it realistic but still, it's stupid.

The concept is great. The mission objectives are clear. The only problem is the zooming function. Every time I zoomed in, I was frustrated to find that I couldn't freely navigate across the entire map. Certain targets were completely outside of the field of vision and movement was limited to the space given. A basic zoom function would have sufficed, permitting the player to scan all targets on the map while zoomed. That's a pretty important concept for any scope game.

This is truly hard to beat but not impossible even with a shakey scope. I felt the game did not have a good story or plot like the1 and 2 game but had good animation and effects. The only things that edit is the shakey scope and add more interactive story.

worst game I've ever seen

I'm a fan of the series, but this one is by far the worst of them. I get what you're going for here, making it more realistic and like a proper sniper mission. Problem is, snipers are far away enough from their targets to not be hit by their AK-47's and Beretta's. I'll admit, the first few easy levels are fun, I enjoyed the Magician and thought that was humorous, but it's the last two, which I understand are labelled as very hard, but there's no such thing as a time for patience when they're shooting back. The payments are also another problem. $1500 for the first couple lower level missions, that's understandable, but you should be making an extra $500 as you go up, considering that's how much you'll lose if you're not careful through each play through of the level. Also, more variety would be nice, a few more missions would be some real fun.