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Reviews for "Pokemon Deep Purple ep.01"

Was mildy entertaining, but MY GROD THE PACING. Felt as if I was going to nod off. If you do make a part 2, speed it up a bit, and maybe eliminate the key pushing to continue dialogue, most people on this site can read decently fast.

im genna think mewtwo or

gyadoes becase they ate magickarp (dont they have real food) i cant wait for part two


maybe its mewtwo


When is part 2?

Eurritimia responds:

I'm doing, but kinda got bored.
Someday I'll finish it.

nice movie

if thats ya real team, thats pretty awesome. any way, keep on makin these

Eurritimia responds:

yeah, that's my real team! the only difference is that I didn't waste my masterball catching a magikarp.

Not sure when the 2nd part will come, but it'll take some time.